Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adventure Practice Part 11

Ok, I'm running out of battery now. A final view from Bayfront Park
complete with greenery and five bars of 3G...

Adventure Practice Part 10

Close up of poo flowers.

Adventure Practice Part 9

These flowers are beautiful, but it smells like poop near them.

Adventure Practice Part 8

No, it's more pleasant than I had hoped.

Adventure Practice Part 7

It's as pleasant as I'd hoped.

Adventure Practice Part 6

A very small child and a very small dog running through the grass.

Adventure Practice Part 5

I met a guy who comes here on his lunch breaks to play guitar.

Adventure Practice Part 4

Oh no! But how what of there's mud or toxic waste? Ah ha! I have
hiking boots in my car.

Adventure Practice Part 3

Right when I came in there were two guys in the parking lot chopping
hell of wood.

Adventure Practice Part 2

So apparently those beautiful rolling hills are a park. Let's explore!

Adventure Practice Part 1

So... I always see this beautiful grassy green paradise hill when I
cross the bay. I have some time today, so I'm going to explore it to
practice the real-time blogging I'll be doing on my adventure. This is
the view from the parking lot of Sun Microsystems in Palo Alto.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Idea

So... I don't have a job.

I'm an eternal optimist and when I got laid off, I saw it as an opportunity to do some awesome stuff before the shackle of adulthood was re-fastened around my ankle. I have yet to do some awesome stuff. About a week after I took the Foreign Service Exam, which I have been studying for in the last two months, I had a kind of hokey Jason Mraz song stuck in my head. One lyric really stood out to me:

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn, you're free

Open up my plans? I realized that while my job search is still going, I don't have any plans. Why am I sitting in an apartment in Oakland when The World is happening? An idea popped into my head to rectify this situation. Not a radical, life-changing idea (those rarely end up happening), but a interesting, little idea that I think I could get away with.

I've spent a lot of time in the past five years driving the seven hours from the Bay Area to San Diego. From home to home. Every time, I had an event to get to, or a day not to waste, so I always ended up driving as quickly as my little Mitsubishi Mirage (and the law) would let me get away with. But I never stopped to find out where that dirt road went. Or see the swallows in Capistrano. Or walk out to that shiny beach I could just barely glimpse while speeding by. I am going to go home, but I'm going to take my time getting there. I am going to stop for all those little interesting things and have an adventure. If it takes me days instead of hours, so be it. That's my idea. I'll keep you updated.