Monday, March 9, 2009

That Tower Again

This is as close as I could get. Apparently it's called Sutro Tower or
something to that effect.

Twin Peaks

A sweet view of SF from Twin Peaks on my way to the scary tower.

That Tower

You know that ultra-scary tower that lurks over San Fracisco like a
giant alien spider? I'm going to get up there.

Treasure Island 13

Goodbye Treasure Island. On to San Francisco...

Treasure Island 12

I pose with one of the statues in front of the museum. Self photos are
suprisingly difficult with iPhones.

Treasure Island 11

There's also a museum here.

Treasure Island 10

Wow! This is either from Star Wars or WWII was way awesomer than
everyone says.

Treasure Island 9

The view of the Bay Bridge construction from the sailing club.

Treasure Island 8

Dear Treasure Island Sailing Club,

You shouldn't leave your clubhouse door wide open. You also shouldn't
leave all this food in an unlocked refrigerator. Don't worry, I didn't
steal anything.

Treasure Island 7

Look, a sailing club!

Treasure Island 6

In my quest to get a picture of the Bay Bridge construction, I
wandered into this area with abandoned warehouses and sailboat storage.

Treasure Island 5

This is where the cars come out!

Treasure Island 4

The view from the top.

Treasure Island 3

Whew! What a climb. There are houses up here. Coast Guard stuff
probably. They have some nice views. Maybe I should join the Coast

Treasure Island 2

I've decided to climb to the top of Treasure Island and maybe catch a
good view of the cars coming out of the tunnel. Ooh look! A cove and a
beach! Maybe there are pirates here. Let's hope not... I brought my
wallet with me.

Treasure Island!

First stop, Treasure Island. I pass it on the Bay Bridge weekly, but
what's actually here, pirates?

Goodbye Oakland

Mile 0: I've packed my car and I am ready to go. My wandering journey
starts now. Wish me luck, Oakland!

The Gear

I'm all packed and ready to go!

The complete gear list for my trip:
1. REI Half Dome Tent
2. Sleeping Bag
3. Mattress Pad
4. Tarp
5. Clothes (for cold and warm weather)
6. Hiking Boots
7. Running Shoes
8. Flashlight
9. Camelback + 1 liter Nalgene
10. Inverter (to charge my iPhone from my car)
11. Towel
12. Wetsuit
12. 8' Old Harbor Surfboard

Hope I'm not missing anything...