Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Camping SLO

From the inside of my tent. I'm camping in San Louis Obispo. Good

Goodbye Madonna Inn

I walk out of the doors of luxury and into the night. I'm sleeping on
the ground tonight.

The Madonna Inn 4

So the Madonna Inn was the place where movie stars came to chill back
when Hollywood was still cool. The reason I always liked the place is
that the urinal flushes by a giant waterfall that cascades down the

The Madonna Inn 3

I got a ribeye steak. I'm not one to take pictures of my food, but
then again, I'm also not usually one to dine alone. This photo
courtesy of my waitress, Liz.

The Madonna Inn 2

I got a Paso Robles Reisling.

The Madonna Inn

My high school cross country team used to stay here for the Cal Poly
Invitational. Am I going to stay here? Haha, nope.

...but you can bet that I made an 8:00 dinner reservation at the
steakhouse here!

The Kennet II

Thank you to the owners of the Kennet II for letting me watch that
sweet sunset from your boat.

Sunset 3-11-09


Morro Bay

I've stopped to watch the sun set at the harbor of Morro Bay. That's
Morro Rock right there. I'll let you know how the sunset goes.

Mile 300 Reflections

That surfing detour was probably my favorite part of the trip so far.
This coastal stretch is just gorgeous. It's nice to know that there
are still a few places in California with no phone reception (the last
few messages have been sent after the fact). So far this has all been
everything that I've wanted it to be.

Waterfall 2

After hiking about a half mile in flip flops, I can say yes, that is a
waterfall off the side of the highway. This is about 50 miles north of
San Louis Obispo.

Waterfall 1

Is that a waterfall off the side of the highway?


A friendly squirrel at another vista point. I don't have zoom, he was
just very friendly.

Camera Karma

After taking a picture for a couple at a vista point, they offered to
take one for me. Note the background: this is how it looked for most
of the afternoon's drive.

Cliffs and Seals

Highway 1 on this stretch has steep cliffs that drop off immediately
to the right. This photo is supposed to show how steep and high it is,
but then I noticed seals at the bottom. I could hear them, "uuuurrf!

Big Sur

Yay! You're not on fire!

Surfing Expedition 9

Dear World,

This is MY beach. I claimed it. It is the best. Now for the long trek
back to the car...

Surfing Expedition 8

I just went surfing. It was so good. Caught a few waves (one REALLY
good one) and froze my feet off. That was totally cool.

Surfing Expedition 7

Aaaaahhh. Boots off, relax time.

Surfing Expedition 6

...and there's the beach. Nothing but me, sand, sea and cows for miles.

Surfing Expedition 5

Sand dunes!

Surfing Expedition 4

I walk across a huge field towards the ocean. There's a herd of cows
in the way so I take a circular detour around them. Cows are big.

Surfing Expedition 3

Plenty of cows stare at me as I walk down highway 1.

Surfing Expedition 2

Got all my stuff together for a nice long hike!

Surfing Expedition

I'm going surfing down there. I just decided.

Hills/Curves Next 63 Miles

This one's for you Joshy Josh.

Cows Grazing by the Sea

This stretch of highway 1 is pretty sweet.

Fire 4

A local guy who was catching birds with nets(?) told me that the fire
was probably coming from "Zach Taylor's property across the river."
Once I got across the river (I found a bridge on the gold course) I
saw that Carmel Resident Zach Taylor (any relation to US President
Zach Taylor?) was having trees on his property chopped down and
burned. Curiosity satiated.

Fire 3

The Carmel River also seems to be in between me and the fire. Hmmm,
don't think I'll cross here.

Fire 2

There's a golf course between means the fire. The golfers don't seem
to care about it too much. One tried to hit me with his ball!


I was driving through Carmel-by-the-Sea when I saw this fire! I'm
going to check it out.

Mile 200 Reflections

In the last 100 miles I was delightfully surprised by a lighthouse,
disappointed by a closed amusement park, attempted to get in touch
with my farm roots and slept in a hostel. This next stretch promised
to have less people and more beach. Maybe I'll get to actually use
this surfboard that is crowding my car. So far, I give the trip a 22
out of 23.

Cannery Row 2

After a quick breakfast, I wandered the waterfront a bit. Now, back to
the road!

Cannery Row

Monterey doesn't seem to be much of a breakfast town. I'm heading to
Cannery Row to find some eats.

Token Shower

Ok, 2nd stop is breakfast. First stop is shower! I got two tokens when
I checked in; each is worth four minutes of shower.

Good Morning!

Nyum nyum... Woke up after a good night's sleep in the Monterey
hostel. I'm ready for a third day of adventuring. First task: find
some breakfast.